Acoustic upright pianos

Pianometropool supplies a wide range of acoustic upright pianos and grand pianos. Regardless of whether you want to buy a new or used acoustic upright piano for a beginner or an exclusive acoustic grand piano. At Pianometropool you will always find what you are looking for.

You buy all upright pianos and grand pianos with a best price guarantee! Can’t find the acoustic upright piano you’re looking for? Please contact us and we will help you.

Want to buy an acoustic upright piano?

At Pianometropool you can buy the most beautiful upright piano or grand pianos for every budget. Whether you are looking for a starter upright piano or want to buy an exclusive ‘high-end’ grand piano, at Pianometropool you have come to the right place. You can buy a piano from any well-known brand from us. We are also the exclusive Blüthner piano distributor for the Benelux.

Buying an upright piano is an exciting affair, so much choice and so much difference in price.

In general, the quality of an upright piano depends on the country where the piano was produced. Indonesian and Chinese pianos, for example, are very affordable, while German pianos are almost always only available in the top segment. Making the right choice when purchasing an acoustic upright piano is important, after all, you will be playing your acoustic upright piano for many years.

If you buy an upright piano at Pianometropool, you will receive a unique 100% trade-in guarantee. This means that you can first start with an entry-level or mid-range upright piano, after which you can exchange this instrument with us for the full purchase price. We are of course happy to help you purchase the right acoustic upright piano. Our team has extensive knowledge of pianos and has more than 150 years of experience in classical upright pianos and grand pianos!

Buy acoustic upright pianos with the best price guarantee

Delivery of acoustic upright pianos

After purchase, your acoustic upright piano will be delivered professionally and at a low price by our own delivery service.

Buy acoustic upright pianos with the best price guarantee

Buy acoustic upright pianos with the best price guarantee. Always expert advice when purchasing a digital upright piano.

Pay your acoustic upright piano in installments

Buy an acoustic upright piano and pay in installments without interest or fees. Ask for the possibilities.

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Irmler 127 Piano
Build by Blüthner

This beautiful new series of Design Pianos
is produced by the famous Blüthner in Leipzig.

Come by and experience the wonderful keyboard and romantic character.

Want to buy an acoustic upright piano? Our tips:

1: Determine your piano wishes

An acoustic upright piano consists of a number of important parts: The appearance “What looks nice in the interior” The mechanism “Do I want a light touch or a heavier touch” The sound “Do I choose full and romantic or bright and cheerful” and the features“Do I want to be able to play the upright piano with headphones or do I just opt ​​for a study pedal”

2: What are you willing to pay for an acoustic upright piano

You can buy a reasonable quality (used) upright piano from a thousand euros. You can easily pay 28,000 euros for a German upright piano from a top brand such as Blüthner. A good benchmark is (if you are going to start playing the piano) to set aside a budget of between 2,000 and 6,000 for buying an upright piano. For this you buy a good new (Schiedmayer) or used (Yamaha) upright piano for years of playing pleasure. If you want to spend less than a thousand euros on an upright piano, we advise you to opt for a digital upright piano. These cost considerably less and are very good in a price range around or under a thousand euros.

3: Our showroom offers the largest varied range of upright pianos

It is tempting to buy a cheap upright piano on Marktplaats or to take over a used upright piano from the neighbours. However, the mechanism of an acoustic upright piano is almost as complex and delicate as a watch movement. There are over 10,000 parts in the acoustic upright piano mechanism alone. Buying and refurbishing an old or poorly playing piano is often much more expensive than buying a new acoustic upright piano. So be careful with this and always take a piano expert with you when you visit someone’s home. If you buy an acoustic upright piano from Pianometropool, you will always receive a long warranty at home, a 100% trade-in guarantee on the purchase of a new acoustic upright piano and an official invoice that is required to be able to sell the acoustic upright piano later. In addition, you can try all brands and types of acoustic and digital upright pianos in our showroom so that you always make the right choice.

4: It takes more than just a piano

Buying an acoustic upright piano is just the first step. Have you also thought about piano lessons? Or do you opt for self-study? Pianometropool is happy to advise you and we work together with many piano teachers. We also deliver a complete self-study course that teaches you the basics in 90 easy video lessons. Ask about this in the showroom! We also supply a wide range of accessories such as piano lamps, benches, chairs, headphones, etc. An upright piano without a good bench is of course not complete…

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