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Bösendorfer grand pianos are built in Vienna Austria. This historic brand has been used and sought after by many master pianists. In the Netherlands, Bösendorfer became widely known for, among other things, Wibi Soerjadi. Soerjadi was inextricably linked with this top brand.

Bösendorfer was recently acquired by Yamaha (Japan). For more information please feel free to contact us or visit our showroom. Our product specialists are at your service and are happy to provide you with expert advice. All our Bösendorfer instruments come with a full warranty.

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More information about Bösendorfer acoustic grand pianos

The Bösendorfer firm was founded in Vienna on 25 July 1828 by Ignaz Bösendorfer, after he had worked as an apprentice with Joseph Brodmann and had taken over his workshop. In a short time he acquired a good reputation for the pure and beautiful sound of the instruments, and in 1839 was awarded the title ‘k. u. k. (= kaiserlicher und königlicher) Hof- und Kammerklavierverfertiger’.

Contrary to other manufacturers, Bösendorfer also involves the body of the instrument in the tone formation, by also making the body of tonewoods. The typical Bösendorfer sound is “singing”, with basses with a strong fundamental. A good Bösendorfer is capable of many sound nuances and is especially suitable for chamber music and singing accompaniment, both classical and jazz.

Until the First World War, Bösendorfer also built grand pianos with a so-called Viennese mechanism, and from the end of the nineteenth century with various types of English mechanism, with a hammer.

To appeal to a larger market, Bösendorfer designed the Conservatory Series for conservatories and universities that could not afford the standard models. In manufacturing the CS series, Bösendorfer spends less time on “non-critical areas”, reducing costs, making them more affordable than the standard models.

Currently, grand piano models are built in the following lengths:

  • 170 cm
  • 185 cm
  • 200 cm
  • 214 cm
  • 225 cm (tonal range sub-contra F – c5)
  • 280 cm
  • 290 cm (tonal range sub-contra C – c5).

An upright piano (pianino) with a height of 130 cm is also available.

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