The world-famous Schimmel brand was founded in 1885, by the founder Wilhelm Schimmel at the time. The company is currently based in Braunsweig Germany. A collaboration with a Chinese manufacturer means that Johannes Schimmel pianos are currently also being sold at a significantly lower price.

Supplier of Schimmel pianos

Pianometropool mainly supplies German, most commonly used Schimmel pianos. Buying a German Schimmel piano can be a very good purchase. The well-known mechanical brand Renner provides the desired touch in most cases. The Schimmel brand gained great fame in the 1990s by being the first to supply a transparent / plexiglass grand piano. The world-famous artist Udo Jürgens played exclusively on these grand pianos.

Nowadays the plexiglass grand piano is extremely popular, but the well-known grand piano builder Blüthner, Leipzig has taken this market almost entirely into account.

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More information about schimmel pianos

Owning a Schimmel piano is something special. When you buy a Schimmel piano, you get a 10-year warranty. You will receive an exclusive maintenance booklet and a membership to the “Schimmel Owners Club”, with newsletters and special events.

Schimmel has elevated piano building to an art

The traditional acoustic piano is an extremely complex musical instrument. There are more than 12,000 individual parts, assembled in countless operations. Based on experience passed down from generation to generation and combined with revolutionary CAPE (Computer Assisted Piano Engineering) technology. A technology designed and patented by Schimmel. The delicate marriage of tradition and innovation results in an acoustic piano that is refined to new standards.

Pianos Made in Germany

Schimmel pianos are exclusively manufactured in the Schimmel family business in Braunschweig, Germany. Every new Schimmel grand piano and classic acoustic piano proudly carries the authentic “Made in Braunschweig, Germany” logo. In this historic production factory, Schimmel cultivates the traditional art and craft of piano production based on modern advanced technology. This results in truly breathtaking acoustic pianos and grand pianos

The new “Vogel by Schimmel” series is produced in the new Schimmel factory in Kalitsz, Poland. From here, Schimmel can ensure their precision and care in building each individual piano, while benefiting from lower production costs. The Vogel by Schimmel series offers a wonderful selection of acoustic instruments at an affordable price.

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