Buy piano?

Buying a piano is not something you do every day. That is why it is wise to orientate yourself well before making a purchase. On this website you will find a wide range of digital and acoustic pianos and we give you tips and advice when it comes to purchasing the best piano for you.

Do you want to buy a new piano of a good used piano? What budget do you have for the purchase of a piano? How much does a good piano cost? We are happy to answer these and many more questions.

Want to buy piano? What is the best piano for you?

Where can you buy a piano? It is best to buy a piano or grand piano (new or used) in a specialized piano shop such as Pianometropool. You can also buy a used piano directly from a private individual, for example via Marktplaats or from someone you know.

A good piano is a valuable instrument, and will also require some investment. A piano that can be picked up for free or a very cheap piano is usually worthless and not suitable for actually (learning to) play on it.

Judging the quality of a used piano for yourself is impossible unless you understand pianos. There are specialized appraisers for this. Often a used piano will need to be refurbished or overhauled. If you buy a used piano from Pianometropool, it has always been completely overhauled. you will therefore always receive a guarantee on the purchase of a used piano or grand piano.

You don’t buy a piano every day

Where is the best place to buy a piano?

You can buy a used 2nd hand piano or grand piano directly from a private individual – for example via Marktplaats – or from a specialized piano shop.

A piano in good condition (perfect tuning block, no cracked soundboard, mechanically in order, etc.) always has a considerable value. You can often pick up a piano that is not in order for free and therefore has no value. Assessing the quality of a piano yourself is actually impossible. Even as a specialized company with more than 150 years of experience, we regularly engage appraisers to assess the pianos that we purchase. Refurbishing, also known as ‘reconditioning’, is a delicate and expensive process and in many cases is more expensive than buying a ready-made piano in perfect condition.

In addition, buying a used piano from a piano store such as Pianometropool offers you many advantages.

For example, when you purchase an acoustic piano, we give a warranty of up to 10 years on every instrument. We offer a ‘trade-in guarantee’ so that you can continue to grow without losing anything when you trade in your piano and we deliver every piano with an official invoice. This invoice is important if you later decide to sell the piano purchased from us.

Buy a new or used piano?

It is best to buy a digital piano new. This is due to the shorter lifespan and the rapid advancement in the technological developments of digital pianos. You can safely buy a real acoustic piano second-hand. Real – or acoustic – pianos last a very long time and can therefore be purchased as an occasion if they are in good condition.

At Pianometropool you always enjoy a long warranty on your purchased piano at home (you do not pay any call-out costs). You also benefit from a trade-in guarantee of up to 100% so that your piano can later be upgraded to another/more luxurious piano.

In general, for the price of a cheap new piano, you buy a second-hand piano in a much higher class. This can therefore certainly be interesting in certain cases. View our range of used pianos and used grand pianos here

What does a piano cost:

The cost of a piano is made up of:

► The piano itself (buy or lease)

► The Piano Lessons

► Maintaining/tuning the piano*

*Only applicable to real (acoustic) pianos

Depending on your wishes, you can make the following calculation:

Buy a digital piano that is suitable for studying at the music school (88 weighted keys, velocity-sensitive and weighted action). Then you can buy this digital piano from € 800 up to about € 7,000.

You can buy a real (acoustic) piano (depending on your wishes) from € 2.000 up to € 40.000.

FYI, you can buy a used Yamaha U1 acoustic piano from Japan (in good condition) for around € 4.000.

Buy a piano with the best price guarantee

Delivery with own transport service

The purchased piano or grand pianos are professionally delivered by our own delivery service.

Pianos and grand pianos with best price guarantee

Pianos and grand pianos at the best prices. And always expert advice when purchasing a grand piano.

Pay for your piano or grand pianos in installments

Buy a piano or grand piano and pay in installments with no interest or fees. Ask for the possibilities.

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Advice when buying a piano

At Pianometropool we have been selling pianos for years. And most of the pianos from our range are listed on our website. This way you can orientate yourself well in terms of price and possibilities. We only sell pianos from top brands such as:



► Yamaha




Yamaha (Japan)

Blüthner (Duitsland)

Steinway & Sons (USA en Duitsland)

C.Bechstein (Duitsland – Tsjechië)

► Ronisch (Duitsland)

Bösendorfer (Oostenrijk)

► Fazioli (Italië)

Tip: The country where an acoustic piano is made has a major influence on the price and quality of this piano.

The price of a piano quickly shows where this piano was built. German brand but a very low price? Then that piano is NOT produced in Germany.

Below is an overview of the different countries where pianos come from:

5: Poland & Russia (cheapest pianos)

4: China & Indonesia (cheap pianos)

3: Korea (cheap/mid range pianos)

2: Japan (middle class pianos)

1: Germany (top-class pianos)

What should you pay attention to when buying a piano?

Good tools are half the battle and this is certainly true when learning to play the piano. Whether playing the piano remains fun depends on three factors. Think of it as a small ‘milk stool’ on three legs. Super stable, but with one leg less everything falls over:

  1. The piano you buy
  2. The teacher or piano course
  3. Motivation and pleasure in playing the piano

You can start playing the piano on both a digital piano and an acoustic piano. A digital piano is cheaper to purchase and maintain, but it does not retain its value and is less attractive in terms of touch and sound than a real acoustic piano.

Do you want to buy a piano? Then ask a specialist for advice! The choice of the piano that you buy is very important and can not actually be done via a website. You have to try and experience a piano. You have to experience and experience for yourself what the touch of the piano you want to buy is. You have to connect with it. Pianometropool has a team of expert employees who are happy to advise you (free of charge and honestly) on the most suitable piano for you or your son/daughter to buy. On this website you will find an overview of the digital pianos and acoustic pianos that we sell.

Buy a custom piano. Is that possible?

Every home is different, every taste is different and you are looking for something that is not easy to find. Pianometropool supplies customization for every budget when buying a piano!
Think of the use of unique materials, deliveries of your piano or grand piano to countries/areas that are difficult to reach, self-playing or automatic pianos, special colors, functions, etc.

Feel free to contact us or visit our piano shop in Rijswijk and we will discuss your wishes with you.

It is our passion to help you in the best possible way when purchasing the right piano. We are only satisfied when you are and NO is not an option.

Also visit our projects page and see what special projects Pianometropool has realized. Then you will see that Pianometropool is a real piano shop specialized in selling pianos and grand pianos.

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