Pianometropool has been a official Viscount dealer for many years

We supply all models of the different brands produced by Viscount Italy, including: Smart, Legend, Classico and Physis.

Viscount dealer since 1997

Pianometropool has been a Viscount dealer for decades. Every year we visit the factory in Mondaino Italy several times and we closely follow the innovations that are being developed in the modern R&D center.
Pianometropool offers the complete collection of Viscount, Smart, Legend and Physis products. These are all part of the Viscount group.

Design, technical ingenuity, emotion and musicality. This is what we think about this legendary brand.

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Upright pianos and grand pianos with best price guarantee

Upright pianos and grand pianos with the best price guarantee. Always expert advice when purchasing a piano.

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More information about Viscount pianos

Viscount: a legendary brand from Italy

The company’s history begins at the end of the 19th century when Antonio Galanti, musician and craftsman, established a small accordion production facility in Mondaino, Italy. This became a family business and was expanded in the years that followed: in 1917 the first Galanti factory was established in Mondaino and then the activity was taken over by his son Egidio.

In 1999, Marcello Galanti passed away, leaving his company to his son Mauro and daughter Loriana, who revamped the product catalog and expanded their R&D staff, including a new R&D laboratory in Ancona, Italy.

Piano for beginners vs advanced pianist

Viscount makes instruments for both the starting pianist (Classico and Smart 30 models) and for the professional (Physis, Legend).
Viscount gained great fame with their Physical Modeling technology that is fully utilized in the Physis V-100 models. With this modeling technology, overtones and string resonances are simulated in order to generate the most natural piano sound possible.

Viscount vs Gewa, Roland or Yamaha

Viscount has a number of patents that can no longer be found with other brands.
Building up the piano sound completely live by means of for example the modeling is no longer done by Roland. The multi-touch screen in their V-100 piano of no less than 140 cm (!) has not yet been copied by other builders. The prices of, for example, the Physis V series are somewhat higher than those of Roland and Yamaha. Viscount’s sound is clear and brilliant, not warm and woolly. So if you prefer a warm, soft sound, you should, for example, look better at the GEWA or the Blüthner piano series.

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