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Pianometropool supplies the largest range of digital upright pianos in Europe and is a recognized supplier of Roland, Yamaha, Blüthner, Viscount, Physis and Orla, among others.
Our digital upright pianos are delivered free of charge at home from € 1,000 and you can always use our extensive knowledge and experience – even after the purchase.

All this at the best price/quality ratio. That’s what we stand for!

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Pianometropool sells many digital upright pianos from all top brands such as Yamaha, Roland, Orla and Viscount. With a digital upright piano you buy a versatile instrument that can also be portable (digital stage piano).

Digital upright pianos have become an integral part of the present day. After all, they are also getting better. In fact, some professionals only opt for digital upright pianos. Which one should you choose now? And what do all those letters behind the product codes actually mean?

Use our selection menu or feel free to contact us by phone. We are happy to help you choose the right digital upright piano!

Digital upright pianos with best price guarantee

Delivery of digital upright pianos

Your digital upright piano (from € 1000,-) delivered free of charge by our own delivery service. Assembling is also possible as an option.

Digital upright piano with best price guarantee

Digital upright pianos for the lowest prices. Always expert advice when purchasing a digital upright piano.

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Buy a digital upright piano and pay in installments without interest or fees. Ask for the possibilities.

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A feast for the eyes and ears.
Beautiful slim design upright pianos from Italy with the most innovative features.
The world’s widest multi-touch screen (>130cm) and a host of beautiful sounds.

This series of exclusive digital upright pianos is NOW available in the showroom.
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Do you want to buy digital piano? Our tips:

1: Portable or fixed digital piano with furniture

Do you want a permanent digital upright piano in the living room or would you prefer a portable digital piano?
Portable digital pianos are easy to carry, but they often have inferior built-in speakers and separate pedals. They also look a bit more like a ‘keyboard’

2: Colour of the digital piano

It may sound strange to look at the colour. But a digital upright piano is a large – and therefore present – piece of furniture in the living room. So if you necessarily have a certain taste in colour, you should note that not all digital upright pianos are available in all colours.

For example, a glossy black digital upright piano is only possible on a handful of digital upright pianos. Please feel free to contact us to discuss colour requirements. We know all models, types and colour options by heart…

3: Speakers, ease of use and features

Simply explained: the more speakers and the bigger the amplifier, the better the digital piano sounds. Do you want many built-in options OR do you choose to connect your iPad to your digital upright piano. You no longer need a large built-in screen.

The list of options for digital upright pianos is endless. This also applies: contact us without obligation, we have (almost) ALL options available.

4: Always choose a well-known brand of digital upright pianos

If you choose a digital upright piano from a famous brand such as Roland, Blüthner or Yamaha, you can assume that you will receive a long warranty (up to 10 years) and that all spare parts are available at the service centers. This can be a problem with unknown/unnamed digital upright pianos.

A black high-gloss Chinese digital upright piano for 500 euros on the internet SEEMS interesting but is pure misery. We have seen hundreds of defects. These digital upright pianos cannot be repaired if they break and that is a waste of your money. So choose a digital upright piano from a well-known brand: it is slightly higher in price but not too expensive.

5: Visit the digital upright piano shop

It is also best to try out a digital upright piano in the store. Every brand of digital upright pianos plays and sounds differently and you will encounter points that you could not have imagined beforehand.

At Pianometropool, all acoustic and digital upright pianos are ready to play and you can try them out for as long as you want. Not playing yourself yet? Our product specialists are always willing to play your favorite song for you on the digital upright piano of your choice.

6: Beware of independent comparison sites

Unfortunately, there are quite a few Dutch sites that recommend ‘independent’ products. The best products there are usually from less good brands from which shops earn much more than the big brands of the established order such as Roland and Yamaha.

Unfortunately, the TOP 10 digital upright piano lists on these sites are often bad. Digital upright pianos are not compared fairly and specifications are displayed incorrectly.

These products also link directly to an ‘independent’ webshop where you can order the digital upright piano directly and unseen.

We have tried several times to contact these sites but unfortunately have not received a response. Feel free to ask for advice or visit some large (American) forums for clear and honest advice from other musicians.

Want to buy a Roland digital piano?

The first Roland digital upright piano saw the light of day in 1986. Many digital upright pianos would follow. Until recently, Roland only used sampling to get the most natural sound possible from their digital upright pianos. But with the introduction of the V-Piano, the brand presented a unique new technique, where no samples are used, but the tone is created by means of ‘physical modeling’. In physical modeling, the string, hammer, resonance, and pedal parameters work together precisely allowing the pianist to really create tone and overtones, for example by raising the dampers on the bass side and playing in the treble. The virtual loose strings of this Roland digital upright piano sing along with an extremely natural sound. The effect is a digital upright piano with the unprecedented realistic sound of a grand piano and enormous freedom to build the tone to your own liking

Roland Digital Piano Models:

Pianometropool sells all models of Roland digital pianos. One of the best-selling models is the Roland RP102 upright piano. An ideal upright piano to buy as a beginner or starter. The more luxurious digital upright pianos from Roland are for sale under the name HP (home Piano). Below are some popular digital upright piano models from the Roland digital upright piano series:.

  • Roland RP102 digital upright piano
  • Roland RP501 digital upright piano
  • Roland F140 digital upright piano
  • HP704 digital upright piano
  • LX700 serie digital upright piano

Do you have questions about purchasing a digital upright piano? We are happy to assist you and advise you without obligation when buying the digital upright piano that suits you best. We guarantee the best price on all Roland digital upright pianos. Roland digital upright pianos are ready to play in our showroom and we deliver from stock.

The Yamaha digital upright piano Clavinova: a household name in piano land.

The Clavinova has been made by Yamaha for decades. The Clavinova usually has the styling of an acoustic upright piano, but offers the musician a much wider spectrum of sounds and effects. You can also buy this digital upright piano at Pianometropool. MIDI compatibility means they can be connected directly to a computer and digital recording is easy. The new Clavinova digital upright pianos even have USB connections or can be connected wirelessly.

At the beginning of 2018, Yamaha introduced the latest range of Clavinova digital upright pianos, the Yamaha CSP 150 and the Yamaha CSP 170. These new digital upright pianos are available from stock.

Want to buy a Yamaha CLP or CVP digital upright piano?

The Yamaha CLP series is intended for keyboardists who want to purchase a digital (also known as electric) upright piano that sounds as close to an acoustic upright piano as possible. With this digital upright piano series, the emphasis is on accurately imitating both touch and sound. The latter is achieved by using samples from famous upright piano and grand piano brands for each individual note. The CVP series of digital upright pianos features a wider range of sounds and effects, complete with a built-in drum machine and accompaniments

Real Grand Expression (RGE) represents the expressive capabilities of Yamaha’s Clavinova. RGE is not only the generation of the sound, the touch and the pedals, but also the application of technologies based on experiences in making “real” upright pianos and grand pianos. Due to all these factors, the Yamaha RGE (Real Grand Expression) gives you the feeling that you are sitting behind a beautiful concert grand, while you have actually purchased a digital upright piano.

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