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Pianometropool is a proud partner of Nidum

Pianometropool has already gained international fame, but from our new location the Nidum (musical nest), formerly known as Het Arsenaal of Jan des Bouvrie, located in Grave. Here we can now serve our customers in the south of the Netherlands, Gelderland and Germany even better. In the Nidum you will find the world’s most beautiful design (self-playing) grand pianos up to and including beautiful classic models. Given our relationship with national and international designers and architects, you can design the grand piano of your dreams custom-made.

Find the grand piano of your dreams that perfectly matches your interior.

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PH Grand

Blüthner Crystal edition

Crystal Edition: Elegance

Crystal Edition: Idyllic

Crystal Edition: Hive

Crystal Edition: Quadrille

Customization options Blüthner Crystal Edition

Below are some examples of customization options and possibilities for your Blüthner Crystal Edition grand piano.

Designer Acrylic

Metal Fittings


Designer Acrylic

Panorama Artwork

Blüthner Supreme edition

Supreme Edition: models


Beautiful exclusive design grand piano, made of precious rosewood high-gloss with herringbone pattern. The grand piano has an elegant design with twisted ball feet and winch and is completely handmade in Germany. The Supréme Ambassador grand piano is available in different sizes (190 cm, 210 cm and 238 cm). And comes with full warranty. For more information about this exclusive design grand piano, please contact one of our specialized employees.


This instrument is built on Model 6 construction principles. The exterior is exquisitely formed. The precious rosewood veneer has inlaid parts of leather in Russian green, stamped with gold decorations. It is a beautiful instrument well suited to an elegant home.

Queen Victoria

Designed in the style of the 19th century, in precious rosewood, embellished with hand-carved ornaments and applications, with powerfully stylized legs and a finely etched music table, this instrument perfectly reflects the philosophy of the period. The styling of this instrument rightly bears the name Queen Victoria.

Nicolaus II

This model was first created for the Russian Tsar Nicolas II. The beautifully shaped panels are made of burr walnut, framed with a fine maple lining. The base veneer is made of French walnut. All of these inlays are individually handcrafted in our factory by our master piano makers.

Louis XIV

The exterior of this breathtaking instrument is designed in the style of the fanciful French king. The grace and fineness of the decoration is based on elements of the Rococo style. The legs, lyre, lectern and rim are decorated with carvings, tastefully gilded with real gold. Reproducing the original style and design of this instrument is both a demanding and satisfying task.

Kaizer Wilhelm II

This is a traditional style from around the beginning of the nineteenth century. This masterpiece of design shows the grandeur of the instrument and its owner. The turned legs, the heavy lyre and the decorative lectern evoke memories of imperial times. This instrument is available in both traditional black and other veneers.

Julius Edition

It’s rare for a family business to hold onto its excellence for more than a century, but Julius Blüthner, the founder of the legendary piano company, created a business dynasty that achieved just that. Showcasing Julius’ original music stand design, this outstanding instrument pays tribute to his achievements. Each of these outstanding masterpieces has distinctive historical details and unsurpassed sound.


Our company’s 150th anniversary was the perfect opportunity to release this beautiful addition to the Suprême collection. The remarkable feature of this piano is the highly ornate casting of the iron harp which has been taken from the classical design originally produced for the 50th anniversary in 1903.


The royal beauty of the Blüthner Dynasty Edition is anything but hidden. High-quality wood veneer and hand-carved woodwork are lasting statements of luxury, adding a historic air of extravagant opulence to this instrument. Richly decorated for Blüthner’s 165th anniversary, the dynasty combines equal measures of black polished marquetry with bold panels of beautifully thought-out Amboyna wood.

A selection of wood veneer options

Here’s just a sampling of our favorite wood veneers. From stately to exotic, we’re always looking for the best resources. Virtually any known veneer can be requested and applied. Wood veneer can be applied to the entire instrument in a book-shaped symmetrical pattern or applied as highlights to specific cabinet parts. Inlays can also be made from wood veneer.

Custom Blüthner Edition

Below we offer you some of our most sought-after options for assembling your dream piano.

Luxurious handcarved details

The tone of a piano design should resonate down to the smallest detail. While all flat, curved and faceted surfaces fit snugly with a fine layer of exhibition-grade wood veneer, lathes and hand-carved shapes come into play where convex or concave shapes are desired. These elements are hand sculpted from solid wood blocks to accentuate your own custom piano design.

Gold leaf applicae

Gold leaf combines with a traditional style of casing in Roccoco white and gold, or it can be added to accentuate almost any design. How much or how little is used is a matter of personal preference.

Accents that catch attention

Less is not more, less is enough. Less is the perfectly measured amount of something beautiful, carefully tailored to create sophistication. Here we use small details, such as a burr walnut cheek pad, to decorate an otherwise traditional high-gloss black piano lacquer.

Inlays: designs in wood and metal

Special projects often use different inlaid materials to display personal messages, symbols and more intricate designs. Inlaid brass letters are often used to place a personal dedication or inscription in the case or cover. Wooden inlays can also be a particularly elegant way to display logos and other designs. Even changing the wood grain pattern of a veneered accent piece is possible.

Historical music desk

The hand-carved Julius desk Julius Blüthner designed and carved this garden landscape into his lectern in ca. 1882 and it lasted until the 1920s. The peaceful scene has become a hallmark of the classic Blüthner instrument and is recognized by Blüthner owners and admirers around the world.

In search of the best wood

The quest for the most exquisite wood veneer is an organic, simple quest. Once found, they are designed with extreme care to create beautiful design masterpieces.


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