Blüthner Model D – Acoustic upright piano

You can buy this New Blüthner Model D – Acoustic upright piano in Black high gloss with best price warranty at Pianometropool


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    Blüthner upright piano model D ( 116 cm. )

    One of the best-selling Blüthner upright pianos in the showroom. This upright piano has the same beautiful finish and construction as the other Blüthner models but is now finished in a very modern 'look'. The upright piano is finished in high-gloss chrome instead of the usually used brass (copper colour). This upright piano is completely hand-built in Germany and uses only top quality European woods. The moisture percentage is carefully reduced to 6% over a period of 6 weeks. Compared to some other top brands that bring back moisture in 3 days, this is an absolute luxury. This example actually applies to almost all parts of the Blüthner piano series. Everything has been thought of and the finish is really perfect.

    You get a 10-year warranty on this upright piano

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