Irmler 127 SP – Silent upright piano

You can buy this New Irmler 127 SP – Silent upright piano in Black high gloss with best price warranty at Pianometropool


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    Irmler 127 SP piano Silent upright piano

    Information: This latest model Irmler 127 SP is a 100% part of the world famous upright piano & grand piano manufacturer Blüthner and is absolutely a unique upright piano in the price-quality ratio. Both the hammer heads and all other felt are from the world-famous German brand Abel (supplier of one of the very best quality types of felt). The keyboard is a Kluge keyboard and goes by as one of the very best keyboards. A 21-layer multiply pin block provides enormous tuning stability. The combination of top quality parts and a solid soundboard with a 7 mm core of spruce (silver pine) gives you the playing pleasure of a concert piano. ''This piano comes with a 10 year full warranty ''. Several professionals have already indicated that this Irmler 127 SP is actually on a lonely height. With its 1.27 cm height, this upright piano guarantees a dominant bass, full mid-range and a sparkling treble. Traditional yet modern in design, perhaps one of the most beautiful concert pianos in a price range up to € 11,000

    Specifications: Height: 127cm Width: 150cm Depth: 62cm
    Colour: Black High gloss
    Finish: Chrome fittings Special design edition by Blüthner.

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