Irmler 213 – Acoustic grand piano

You can buy this New Irmler 213 – Acoustic grand piano in Black high gloss with best price warranty at Pianometropool


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    Irmler grand piano 213

    The version Irmler 213 from the world-famous Blüthner factory Leipzig is, as they say in Germany, a real Hammer. . A unique grand piano in terms of sound and length. With a very full bass side, velvet middle section and a sparkling treble, this beautiful instrument stands out above any instrument in terms of price/quality. The sound of an instrument remains personal of course, but critics and professionals all have the same opinion "a unique instrument''. The beautiful cabinet work is also an enrichment for any living room or environment.
    You get a full 10-year warranty on this grand piano

    Leasing is also possible

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