Irmler – Europe – Acoustic grand piano

You can buy this New Irmler – Europe – Acoustic grand piano in Mahogany with best price warranty at Pianometropool


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    Irmler 190 grand piano Europe

    The Blüthner Group Leipzig is making a clear statement with this series of Europe grand pianos. A top quality grand piano "10 year full Blüthner warranty" produced entirely in Europe in the price range of an Asian instrument. Beautiful Irmler Europe 190 grand piano. " Blüthner group '' Mahogany high-gloss finish, clear full tone, light touch. A very nice, modern yet traditional appearance, finished with brass fittings. Abel hammer heads and Kluge keys. This beautiful instrument is ready to play in our showroom in Rijswijk. 10 years full warranty, leasing possible.

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