Irmler model 160 – Acoustic grand piano

You can buy this New Irmler model 160 – Acoustic grand piano in White high gloss with best price warranty at Pianometropool


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    Irmler 160 grand piano white

    This newest member of the world famous Blüthner group Germany is truly unique in its size / sound quality. With a length of 1.60m, this instrument has everything a living room grand piano should offer and can easily be placed in almost any living space. A fine light touch, full bass and midsection and a brilliant treble (high segment). Chic look with beautiful brass fittings. Given the longer string length in combination with a somewhat larger soundboard, you will notice that this grand piano has a more dominant sound. By dominant is meant: full bass, rich center and a sparkling treble. The touch is light and precise. Exactly what people are used to from Blüthner. 10-year full Blüthner warranty including BVK certificate. (Bundesverband Klavier)

    Width: 148cm
    Length: 160cm

    Finish & Colour: Black, White, Walnut, Mahogany high gloss - Brass

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