Physis V100 PB – Digital upright piano

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    V-100 Physis Home Piano (blue high gloss)

    The brand new Physis pianos are the result of a very secret and expensive project that took place in Italy in recent years. A project started by the famous Viscount-Galanti family with one goal in mind: to create the very best and most realistic digital upright piano in the world. We have flown several times to the research centre in Italy in the past period to be able to see the progress at an early stage. In short, you could describe the new piano as follows: "A truly beautiful upright piano for the eye with an impressive and realistic sound, a stylish but easy-to-use graphical interface and many (subtle) technical details that we have never seen before in existing instruments." Roland has set an absolute benchmark with its V-Piano technology (based on Physical Modelling) for the serious lover of an authentic (piano) sound. It was the first piano where strings could actually interact and resonate with each other. By no longer using samples (recordings of real pianos) but building the sound from scratch by means of complicated algorithms, a new era began.

    The Physis V-100 piano is available in several colours such as: Blue High Gloss / White High Gloss / Red Matt / Gold.

    KEYBOARD PGK Physis Grand Keyboard - 88 graded-hammer wooden keys with “Ivory Feel” key tops. - 3 contacts -
    Velocity curves: 5 preset + 4 user SOUND ENGINES Acoustic Piano Model (APM), Electric Piano Model (EPM), Wurly Piano Model (WPM), Clavi Piano Model (CPM), Acoustic Mallet Model (AMM), High Definition Sound Engine (HDSE) SOUND MODELING (macro parameters)

    APM: size, tuning, resonance, hammer, string type, hit point,
    EPM: hammer velocity, damper felt, tone bar dimension, tine position,
    WPM: hammer velocity, damper felt, reed size, reed position,
    CPM: tangent velocity, key-off noise, pickup position, clave aging,
    AMM: bar material, mallet material, rotor speed, hit point, clavi panel VOICE 6 sound families (Piano, E. Piano, Mallet, Keyboard, Ensemble, Bass/Guit), 192 preset, 192 user; Voice mode: Single, Dual, Split.

    POLYPHONY (Physis physical models APM,EPM,WPM,CPM,AMM: full polyphony: HDSE: up to 128 notes)
    MEMORY 6 memory families, 192 presets, 192 user SOUND CHAIN SOUND + COMPRESSOR + AMPLIFIER + EQUALIZER + EFFECTS MASTER SECTION EFFECT, REVERB, EQUALIZER, MIXER SONG MODE usb device, demo, library, playlist
    PLAYER midi, audio (.wav, .mp3, .aiff, .aac, .m4a, .ape, .ogg)
    RECORDER midi
    MEMORY DEVICE usb port
    USER INTERFACE Multi-Touch Panel, Custom Configurable Interface, High Resolution Display (480x272 px, color, 4,7”)
    OTHER FUNCTIONS Programmable Temperament, internal clock, file manager, transposer, view, standby
    CONNECTIONS Midi In/Out/Thru, Digital S/PDIF out, USB to Host and to Device, Headphone, Audio Output L/R: Unbalanced (TSR), Audio Input L/R: Unbalanced (TSR), Pedals: Sustain (gradual), Sostenuto, Soft, Controller 1 and 2: for switch or continuous controllers, programmable function
    AMPLIFICATION/SPEAKERS 4x40 Watt / 2x6'' Woofers - 2x3'' Mids - 2x1 Tweeters
    DIMENSIONS (WxDxH) 1462 x 448 x 1154 mm - 57,5'' x 17,63 x 45,43'' (with closed lid) 1462 x 448 x 1207 mm -57,5'' x 17,63'' x 47,5''1 (with open lid) WEIGHT 106 Kg - (233 lbs) COLOUR FINISH

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