Roland DP603-CB – Digital upright piano

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    Roland DP-603CB Digital upright Piano black matte

    Roland's latest Design Piano. . Available in CB (Contemporary Black, so black) PE (Polished Ebony, so black high-gloss) or PWH (Polished White, so white high-gloss). The Roland DP-603 is similar in possibilities to the HP-605 series from Roland. However, it has a much slimmer finish and looks more modern. Due to its modest size, the speaker system is different from the HP models, but: certainly no less good! The design, the oil pressure sprung valve (slow-fall) is beautiful and it is not for nothing that many other brands - even Yamaha with the S series - imitate this unique Roland design. The DP-603 uses the new PHA-50 keyboard which plays very realistically and uses steel pins and wooden keys. So very high quality. Simply (wirelessly) connect your Tablet computer (Samsung or Apple) and use the latest Roland Piano Partner 2 or Pianodesigner App. With these apps you increase the possibilities of the piano enormously... The Roland DP603 in summary:

    • Compact and stylish design (very shallow!)
    • Full sound through the special speaker system
    • PHA 50 keyboard (perhaps the best keyboard currently available in our opinion)
    • Available in 3 versions (white and black gloss, black satin)

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