Roland LX-705 DR – Digital upright piano

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    Roland LX705 DR - Dark rosewood

    After the enormous success of the HP and LX series - which came out in 2015 - the new LX-700 series has been launched after 4 years.
    Not just a simple update or some extra functions, no, new cabinets, new keyboards, new sounds and much more...

    The LX-705 is the successor to the HP-605 piano. The 'HP' (Home Piano) has been replaced by 'LX' (Luxury) which in turn has to do with the high cabinet with a luxurious appearance that resembles a real piano.
    It is available in 4 colours including: Charcoal Black, Dark Rosewood, Light Oak, Polished Ebony.
    So the model names indicate the color: LX-705PE = Polished Ebony LX705LA = Light Oak LX705CH = Charcoal Black and LX705DR = Dark Rosewood.

    The keyboard of the 705 is the well-known PHA-50 model with wooden keys, escapement, graded hammers and ivory feel. This keyboard is very good and is praised worldwide for its stability and durability.
    It feels like a real upright piano and also has the authentic bounce one is used to from an acoustic instrument.

    The Super-Natural piano sound has been replaced by the 'Pure-Acoustic' modeling with no less than 2 new Grand Piano sounds; the European and American Steinway & Son's grand piano.

    The speakers still have the 'Acoustic projection' technique in which the speakers are positioned in such a way that the sound reaches your ear in the right way and consist in the LX-705 of a 2-way speaker system with 4 speakers in total.
    The new 'My-Stage' function has also been added, with which an optimal 'environment' can be simulated.

    There is of course also the possibility to connect an Ipad or Tablet via Bluetooth. You can then use the Piano-Designer App or the brand new Piano Everyday App.
    You can simply 'stream' your favourite music (i.e. play it wirelessly) over the speakers of your upright piano.


    Roland LX-705
    Dimensions and weight (rounded up to a whole number):
    103cm high
    138 cm wide
    47 cm deep
    Weight: 75 kg

    List for easy comparison with 706 | 708
    Keyboard: PHA-50
    Speakers 2 way - 4 speakers (25 watt x 2 and 5 watt x 2)
    Dimensions: 103cm high
    Colours: 4


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