Rönisch 132 Concert – Acoustic upright piano

You can buy this New Rönisch 132 Concert – Acoustic upright piano in Black high gloss with best price warranty at Pianometropool


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    Rönisch 132 concert piano

    The well-known brand Rönisch (Carl Rönisch since 1845) is one of the few remaining German top brands of pianos that are still produced in Germany today. Rönisch has recently become part of the world-renowned manufacturer Blüthner from leipzig.
    This Rönisch 132 concert piano is unique because of its dominant bass side, full midsection and sparkling treble (high tones). The treble in particular can be described as crystal clear, without being sharp. The touch is really fantastic. A very light touch and a great rehearsal action. We advise every pianist who is looking for an upright piano in the higher genre to come and listen to and play the piano with us. Equipped with Abel hammer heads and other felt, this upright piano is a joy to play.

    - 10 year full warranty
    - Original BKV (Bundesklavierverband) warranty certificate.
    - Leasing possible

    You are most welcome in our showroom in Rijswijk!

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