Schiedmayer Salon – Self-playing grand piano

You can buy this New Schiedmayer Salon – Self-playing grand piano in White high gloss with best price warranty at Pianometropool


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    Schiedmayer Self-playing grand piano offer

    This beautiful set consists of a beautiful Schiedmayer baby grand piano in high-gloss white, the complete Pianodisc Prodigy System and built-in Böse speakers. The Schiedmayer grand piano has a light touch and a warm full tone. It is therefore not only suitable for automatic playing, a professional pianist will also certainly feel at home behind this instrument. With a length of 150cm, this grand piano can be placed anywhere and it does not dominate in terms of volume. The volume can also simply be selected on the control panel.

    The grand piano will also be installed and explained at home.

    Note: The complete Pianodisc Prodigy system worth 9980 euros and the Böse speaker extension worth almost a thousand euros are included in this offer price included</strong >.

    Available while stocks last.

    Length: 150cm
    Colour: White High Gloss
    Warranty: 5 years full
    Trade-in certificate: yes to full value within 5 years
    System: Piano Disc Prodigy

    Note: Ipad / tablet is not included, we can install it for you free of charge.

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