Yamaha C2 XSH2 PE – Silent grand piano

You can buy this New Yamaha C2 XSH2 PE – Silent grand piano in Black high gloss with best price warranty at Pianometropool

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    Yamaha C2X SH2 PE Grand Piano

    The beautiful Yamaha C series grand pianos have long been preferred by experts. This series is the standard against which other brands are tested. The current C Series has been redesigned to introduce a range of new refinements and consists of a balanced line of seven outstanding instruments. At 1.73 meters, the C 2X is 12 cm longer than the C 1, and therefore offers more dynamics and a more powerful tone. This is of course due to the longer strings and the larger soundboard. In comparison, a 130 cm upright piano has a string length and soundboard size comparable to a 1.60 m grand piano. So anything above this length is added value in terms of tone and depth.

    The Yamaha C2X SH2 through the headphones
    The Yamaha CFX stands out for its enormous amount of timbres; from brilliantly clear highs to full bass. The Bösendorfer Imperial delivers the "Viennese sound" full of sophistication and warmth. These world-famous concert grand pianos are the pinnacle of a wide selection of instruments whose sounds are available - including electric pianos, cymbals and organs.

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