Yamaha Clavinova CLP 765 GP PW – Digital grand piano

White high gloaa, available soon


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    Yamaha CLP 765 GP (white polish)

    The entry model Grand piano. This is actually a CLP735 piano in the cabinet of a Grand Piano. This piano does not have a real wooden keyboard but does have the ivory key toppings and escapement build in. Bösendorfer en CFX samples for a warm and realistic piano experience. Available in multiple colors.

    88-Key Grand Touch STM keyboard with pressure point simulation and covers made of synthetic ivory and ebony
    Yamaha CFX - Bösendorfer Imperial Grand Piano Samples
    Binaural Sampling CFX and Imperial
    2 Fortepiano timbres
    Extended Virtual Resonance Modelling
    Smooth release
    Key-off samples
    256-Voice polyphony
    38 Tones
    Dual, Split, Duo Voice Mode
    Preset songs: 21 Voice Demo Songs, 50 Piano Songs, 303 Practice Songs
    20 Rhythms
    16-Track recording
    USB audio recorder (WAV)
    LC display (128 x 64)
    Bluetooth audio/midi
    3 Pedals
    MIDI In / Out / Thru
    USB to host
    USB to device
    2 Headphone jacks
    Stereo AUX out (L / L+R, R) / AUX in (Stereo Mini)
    Speakers 2 x 50 W + 42 W
    Dimensions with music stand (W x D x H): 1430 x 1147 x 1400 mm
    Weight: 106 kg
    Colour: Polished white
    Includes music shelf, headphone holder and PA.500C power supply

    series: Clavinova 700
    model: CLP-765GP
    colour: Polished White
    keyboard: GrandTouch with escapement
    Linear Graded Hammers and Counterweight
    synthetic ebony and ivory key coating
    polyphony: 256 notes
    3 pedals: damper, sostenuto, soft
    GP Response damper pedal
    Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial piano samples
    Yamaha CFX, Bösendorfer Imperial binaural samples
    2 forte piano samples
    piano effects: VRM, Smooth Release, key-off samples
    voices: 38
    song recorder (250 songs, 16 tracks)
    USB audio recorder (WAV)
    display: LCD, 128 x 64 pixels touch sensor control display
    display language: English, Japanese
    DSP effects: reverb (6 types), chorus (3), brilliance (7), effect (12)
    layer and split modes (dual, split, duo)
    built-in metronome
    21 voice demo songs + 50 piano
    20 rhythms
    16-track recorder: USB audio recorder
    USB-to-HOST and + USB-to-DEVICE
    functions: transpose, tuning, scale type
    built-in music stand and headphone holder
    2x 50W + 42W amplifier
    2x 16cm + 5cm speakers
    Audio Bluetooth receiver and MIDI Bluetooth receiver
    Speaker Box
    Intelligent Acoustic Control
    Acoustic Optimizer & Stereophonic Optimizer
    dimensions: 1430 x 1237 x 932mm
    weight: 126kg

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