Yamaha DC 6XEN PRO – self-playing grand piano

You can buy this New Yamaha DC 6XEN PRO – self-playing grand piano in Black high gloss with best price warranty at Pianometropool

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    Yamaha DC6X ENST PRO

    The Yamaha C6X is the most sold and valued grand piano worldwide. With a length of no less than 212 cm, this instrument produces a particularly beautiful tone. Very warm, full and certainly not sharp.

    This time performed with the PRO Enspire system. This has a higher playback resolution and additional features for professionals. Not cheap but very beautiful…

    The X in DC6X…
    A few years ago, Yamaha took over the famous Viennese Bösendorfer. After the takeover, some of the Bösendorfer patents were carried over to the Yamaha grand piano series. These are marked with an X. So a Yamaha with Bosendorfer technology.

    Length: 212 cm
    Height: 102 cm (lid closed)
    Width: 149 cm
    Colours: Various versions available