Yamaha U1 PE – Acoustic upright piano

You can buy this New Yamaha U1 PE – Acoustic upright piano in Black high gloss with best price warranty at Pianometropool


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    Yamaha U1 upright piano

    The U1 has been the best-selling upright piano in the world for many years.
    The combination of very high quality and a (relatively) low price makes this upright piano a popular model for (music) schools, theatres, conservatories and private individuals. The model is 121 cm high and available in various colors and designs. Ask about the possibilities in the showroom.

    Yamaha currently produces pianos in two countries: Japan and Indonesia.
    The Japanese Yamaha's are always recognizable by the U or YUS letters. The cheaper Indonesian pianos are recognizable by the letter B.

    Yamaha U pianos sound nice and clear (not sharp) and have a wonderfully light touch. It is not without reason that famous concert pianists often opt for a Yamaha concert grand piano over other major brands.

    Pianometropool supplies new and used U series pianos at a competitive price throughout Europe with a full warranty. Contact us for availability and possibilities.
    H x W x D: 121cm x 153cm x 61cm, weight: 228kg

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