Yamaha U1 Silent Plus – Acoustic upright piano

You can buy this Yamaha U1 Silent – Acoustic upright piano in with best price warranty at Pianometropool


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    Yamaha U1 A Grade Plus

    Both the Yamaha U1 and the U3 model are the most famous pianos worldwide. There is a reason that you will find these models in most music schools and conservatories. Also for Yamaha ( Hamamatsu ) itself, these 2 models are the prestige pianos that are exclusively produced in Japan. The A Grade Plus models are supplied by us exclusively with an Ad Silent , silent system (system can be played with headphones). The Ad Silent system is perhaps one of the best optical systems (no impact on attack) worldwide. Of course, an acoustic piano is primarily about the acoustic piano sound, but when you play with headphones it is nice that the transition from an acoustic to a digital sound is as inaudible as possible. It is not for nothing that Ad Silent has a Steinway & Sons sound. In terms of sound and technology, the Ad Silent system stands alone.

    With the purchase of a U1 or U3 A Grade Plus currently (while stocks last), you will receive the Ad Silent system for free.

    We would like to invite you to our showroom in Rijswijk to play or listen to these instruments.

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