Yamaha U1 Silent – Acoustic upright piano

You can buy this Used Yamaha U1 Silent – Acoustic upright piano in Black high gloss with best price warranty at Pianometropool


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    Yamaha U1 piano with silent system

    Beautiful Yamaha U1 upright piano '' 121 cm high '' ( perhaps the world's most popular piano ) now with free silent system worth € 2500.-
    This traditional Japanese produced Yamaha upright piano is truly in mint condition. B graded. Due to the long string length and large soundboard volume, this Yamaha U1 upright piano has a beautiful warm, yet clear sound and a light touch. Pianometropool is an official Yamaha dealer and you get a 5 year full warranty on the acoustic part.

    This unique collection of Yamaha U1 models including silent system is ready to play in our showroom in Rijswijk.

    You’re more than welcome!

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