Yamaha U3 PE – Acoustic upright piano

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    Yamaha U3 upright piano

    The U3 is Yamaha's concert piano. With a height of no less than 131 cm, this is a real eye-catcher in the living room. Available in various colours and in various designs. For example, think of brass or chrome-coloured metal fittings.

    The U3 is qualitatively the same as the U1 upright piano with a number of advantages/extras.
    First of all, the U3 has a larger sound box and soundboard, which ensures a great full and deep sound. It has a double damper where the strings cross for a precise transition. The middle pedal is not a study pedal but a sostenuto pedal that we usually only encounter on grand pianos.

    This makes the U3 extremely suitable for the demanding and/or professional player.
    As far as we are concerned, the U3 can compete with the larger German brands. With the difference that the U3 is relatively affordable.

    It has a light touch and a clear deep tone.

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