Self-playing grand pianos

A self-playing grand piano such as the Yamaha disklavier is a real eye-catcher and provides a pleasant ambiance with its warm sounds.

Pianometropool always offers a suitable solution for every situation or application in the field of self-playing upright pianos and grand pianos. On this page you will find our current range of self-playing grand pianos.

Always a wide range of self-playing grand pianos

Pianometropool has specialized in self-playing pianos and grand pianos for the past 20 years. Hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, private individuals, shows and events, theatre, television use our grand pianos.

We supply complete self-playing grand piano packages (including grand piano) and build separate systems in existing grand pianos. The latest systems from Pianodisc, QRS and Yamaha Disklavier play even more accurately and are even easier to operate.

Visit our showroom for a live demonstration of these ‘magic’ instruments.

Self-playing grand pianos with best price guarantee

Delivery of acoustic grand pianos

Your acoustic grand piano will be delivered professionally by our own delivery service.

Acoustic grand pianos with best price guarantee

Acoustic grand piano at the best prices. Always expert advice when purchasing a grand piano.

Pay your acoustic grand pianos in installments

Buy an acoustic grand piano and pay in installments without interest or fees. Ask for the possibilities.

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Make your piano come to life…

Make your piano play automatically with Pianodisc.
We build this system into every existing or used grand piano.

Enjoy a large library of music in all genres.
From classical to popular and from Jazz to Italian love songs.

Information on purchasing a self-playing grand piano

About Pianometropool

Installing, maintaining and adjusting a Disklavier / Self-play system is an art in itself. Pianometropool is proud to be the supplier of well-known hotels, restaurants and cruise liners at home and abroad.
Over the past decades, we have built up a unique experience by installing and supplying hundreds of self-playing instruments. Your precious instrument is therefore in good hands with us, so choose quality.
Every project is tailor-made and (almost) everything is possible. Due to our volume, we can supply you with the systems at the most competitive price.
We are an authorized dealer of all three major brands: Pianodisc / QRS Pianomation and Yamaha Disklavier.
Became curious? Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation appointment in our showroom.

Piano Disc Prodigy System (Bluetooth) + Speakers

Complete system with many options, including video.

+ Own music (no subscription)
+ Many possibilities
+ Easy to expand or upgrade
+ Our advice for home use
+ Excellent value for money
+ Can be built into all brands of pianos and grand pianos

– Recording option not available as standard (surcharge)

Price: €9980,- only the system (without installation).

Yamaha Disklavier ‘Enspire’ series

Cannot be installed separately and only available in combination with a new grand piano such as the ‘DB1ENST’ (Enspire ST series) or the DS3NX-ENPRO (Enspire PRO series)
Very popular system among music schools and institutions.

+ Very good Yamaha App (Ipad & Android)
+ Recording option and Silent function available as standard
+ Pedals move mechanically
+ Perfect recording possible

– Precious
– Not expandable / not upgradeable
– Only possible in combination with the purchase of a new Yamaha instrument
– Cannot be built in separately
(Price indication Disklavier System: from about € 30.000 Yamaha DGB1 grand piano

QRS Pianomation vs Pianodisc

Both the QRS Pianomation and PianoDisc Prodigy are designed to be installed in any instrument. Both systems can be operated wireless via a Tablet or Smartphone. Pianodisc Prodigy now also uses the latest Bluetooth protocol, which provides extra ease of use.

Both QRS Pianomation and Pianodisc offer a variety of options, including: speaker connections (Sonos pairing possible*), volume controls, and background orchestration. You can set your self-playing piano or grand piano to any sound level.

Both piano self-play systems are based on solenoid valves and plungers that are activated by a computer and which actuate the keys of the piano. The plungers and solenoids provide a realistic reproduction of the piano sounds.

Both QRS Pianomation and Pianodisc self-playing systems are an enrichment of your piano or grand piano. A so-called player piano system will extend the life of your piano or grand piano.

Both the QRS Pianomation and Prodigy from PianoDisc are compatible with any acoustic piano or grand piano and keep your piano or grand piano in line with emerging technologies. Both systems provide essential software (and hardware) updates to ensure that your self-playing piano or grand piano is ready for new possibilities. These updates guarantee that after purchasing a self-playing system you do not have to make a new investment after the release of changes and extensions. You only need to update your current self-playing piano or grand piano and you have an up-to-date self-playing system for your acoustic piano or grand piano.

Both the QRS Pianomation and the Pianodisc Prodigy system allow songs to be balanced. This applies if the song contains background music or vocals. Piano and audio tracks can be individually balanced, separated and optimized to fully maximize your playback experience.
Buy music for QRS Pianomation and Pianodisc.

At QRS you can rent the music on a subscription basis. You then pay a fixed amount per 24 or 60 months for the licenses. The advantage is that you can access the entire library at all times. You can also use it immediately when new music comes out. The music is downloaded IN the instrument and not in the tablet or in the phone.

Pianodisc works a little easier. You buy the CDs in the Pianodisc online Music Store. This way you only pay for the music you really want to listen to. This is of course also a one-off and there are no further subscription or license costs to pay. Pianodisc is therefore our preference for home use.

Do you have any questions about self-playing pianos or grand pianos, QRS Pianomation, yamaha Displavier or Pianodisc Prodigy? Please contact us or come to Rijswijk for a demonstration.

Question and answer about self-playing piano and grand piano

Does an automatic grand piano play as beautifully as a real pianist?
Yes, the Pianodisc system plays extremely accurately and can play very softly (and also very loudly). Even the lightest touch of the key is registered.
Will installing a Pianodisc system harm my instrument?
No. The slot that we have to make so that the electromagnets can touch the keys is very small and has no effect on the sound or stability of your instrument.
Can I also have a self-playing system built into my upright piano? Or is this only possible in a grand piano?
Yes, we can simply build in the system, depending on the size of your upright piano. Note that the Sync a Vision system is not possible on a upright piano as there is no room for the LCD desk.
Do you fancy a certain CD?
Within minutes you can easily (and cheaply) download it from the internet. Of course you can also order new CDs from us.
The system works with Itunes, can I also operate it with my I-Phone or I-pad?
Yes this is perfectly possible. We recently demonstrated this at Business Class on RTL7.
How much time does it take to install a Pianodisc system?
Our specialist is working on the installation for about 1 week.
Can the system be installed in my home?
No. Your instrument will be collected and transported to our workshop. After the system has been installed and fully tested, the grand piano can be returned.
How can I buy new music?
Nowadays you can easily download the music through a special program.
Is there a lot of music available? And in which genres?
Currently there are hundreds of titles available. Both classic and popular CDs. With or without guidance.
How much does a self-playing grand piano cost?

This completely depends on which type of system you choose, with or without screen, with or without Video function, etc. We can already offer a new grand piano complete with self-playing system (excluding transport costs of your instrument) for € 14.990 incl. VAT

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