Used upright piano (occasions)

Searching for a good 2nd hand, used acoustic piano? Then you have come to the right place. We offer a very wide range of used acoustic piano occasions. Of course, on every used piano, you’ll always get a full warranty.

All pianos are ready to play in our showroom in Rijswijk. Check our website for an up to date product range or visit our showroom.

Used acoustic upright piano occasions with warranty

The mechanic of an acoustic upright piano is almost as complex and delicate as a watch movement. There are more than 10,000 parts in the mechanics alone.

Refurbishing an old or poorly playing upright piano is often much more expensive than buying a new acoustic upright piano. So be careful with this and always take an expert with you if you are considering buying a used acoustic upright piano from a private individual.

Buy a used upright piano occasion at Pianometropool, then you will always receive a warranty at home. But also a 100% trade-in guarantee on your next purchase and an official invoice which is necessary to be able to sell the used acoustic upright piano later.

In addition, you can try out all brands and types of used and new upright pianos in our showroom so that you always make the right choice.

Always buy a used piano with a warranty.

Delivery of acoustic upright pianos

Your acoustic upright piano will be delivered professionally and at a low price by our own delivery service.

Acoustic upright pianos with best price guarantee

Buy acoustic upright pianos for the lowest prices. Always expert advice when purchasing a digital upright piano.

Pay your acoustic upright piano in installments

Buy an acoustic upright piano and pay in installments without interest or fees. Ask for the possibilities.

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Wide range of used upright piano occasions

At Pianometropool you can buy the most beautiful used acoustic upright piano occasions. Always with a full warranty and with a 100% trade-in guarantee. Visit our showroom in Rijswijk or contact us for expert advice and help with the purchase of a used upright piano.

Buying a second-hand upright piano? Our tips:

1: Why buy a used acoustic upright piano?

Determine if a used acoustic upright piano is right for you. Does the upright piano have to be in the attic and therefore go up 3 flights of stairs? Or through the window? This is a costly affair! Will the acoustic upright piano fit into a small room or student room? Then a small digital upright piano is sometimes a better option.
Are you opting for the warmest sound and authentic playing character? Then a real acoustic upright piano is indeed the right choice

2: What is your budget for purchasing an upright piano?

You can buy a reasonable quality (used) upright piano from a thousand to fifteen hundred euros. Under a thousand euros, it is better to opt for a (new) digital upright piano.

3: Which acoustic upright piano is right for you?

Choose an acoustic upright piano that suits you and not an upright piano that you can buy cheaply or receive as a gift. The success of the hobby and the pleasure you will experience from it depends to a large extent on the ‘tools’. At Pianometropool you can try out all used acoustic upright pianos first and make the right choice. Choose a touch and sound that suits you and don’t forget the appearance of the upright piano!

4: Are you buying a modern or traditional upright piano

Modern acoustic upright pianos are not your style? Prefer a beautiful traditional high upright piano?

Make sure that you always purchase a refurbished upright piano. This is a used upright piano that has been returned in good condition. An unreconditioned acoustic upright piano (in authentic) condition seems very cheap but is unsuitable for studying.

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