Want to buy a vintage piano or grand piano?

An instrument with the sound of ‘then’ and the technical finesse of ‘now’.
These true collector items are a feast for the eyes and ears.

Pianos from our Vintage collection are built by the most famous piano builders in the world:

These classical instruments have often been completely overhauled and returned to perfect condition. It is important to mention that the original soundboard is preserved, so that that typical romantic tone (the soul) is not lost.

Advantages of pianometropool

Delivery with own transport service

Buy a vintage piano or grand piano and it will be delivered professionally by our own delivery service.

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Purchase a Vintage piano or grand piano at the best prices. Always expert advice.

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Buy a vintage piano or grand piano and pay in installments with no interest or fees. Ask for the possibilities.

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Why buy a vintage piano or grand piano?

1: Vintage piano sound quality

Vintage instruments often have a characteristically warm and more romantic tone than modern instruments

2: Aesthetics

Vintage collection pianos and grand pianos are often beautifully build with special types of wood, decorations, hand-turned legs, and sometimes even with ivory keytops.

3: Vintage piano is a good investment

No new Vintage instruments from top brands will be added. If properly maintained / overhauled, a grand piano can increase in value considerably.

4: Artisan quality

In the early and middle of the last century, better parts and types of wood were often used to build pianos and grand pianos. Soundboards of modern instruments are often force-dried, while wood used to ripen for decades before it could be processed into soundboard.

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